The 3rd Friendship Soft Volleyball Tournament

On the afternoon of May 9, 2024, the International College of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences hosted a remarkable sporting event—the 3rd Friendship Soft Volleyball Tournament. As one of the vibrant extracurricular activities offered by the International College, the event aimed not only to enrich the campus life of international students but also to foster friendships among students from different cultural backgrounds, promoting enjoyment of sports and healthy living.

The event received enthusiastic response, with students and faculty from the Yuquan Road campus actively participating. A total of nine teams took part in the tournament, including five teams composed of international students from the IC, two teams comprising faculty members, and two teams from the undergraduate department and other colleges.

Despite most international students being novices to Soft Volleyball, they displayed great interest and enthusiasm for the sport. Prior to the competition, rigorous preparation and training were undertaken by all teams. Each team united under a common goal, devising meticulous strategies and diligently honing their skills through training. 

At the opening ceremony of the event, Mr. Chen Feng, Vice Dean of the International College, delivered a speech and Ms. Xia Yun, President of the Labor Union, kicked off the game. 

Once the matches commenced, the atmosphere was electrifying. The international student teams demonstrated remarkable teamwork and quickly adapted to the game's rules, showcasing excellent skills and collaboration. They cheered each other on, giving their all in every match, which was filled with intense competition and thrilling performances.

Despite the intense competition, each team showed sportsmanship and camaraderie throughout the tournament. Spectators from other teams generously applauded and cheered for the participating teams, with every exciting point scored eliciting waves of cheers and shouts of encouragement.


After fierce competition, the team "Happy Squad," composed of undergraduate students, clinched the championship title, with the "School Office" team securing the runner-up position, and the "Rangers Team" from the International College achieving third place. During the awards ceremony, the winning teams joyfully received their medals, celebrating their victories with teammates. All participants thoroughly enjoyed the event. After the matches, they happily conversed with teammates and opponents, freely engaged in practice sessions, made many new friends, and developed a passion for the sport.

The Friendship Soft Volleyball Tournament served not only as a sporting event but also as a platform for cultural exchange. International students interacted with students from various colleges, promoting mutual understanding and friendship. The event venue was filled with an atmosphere of passion and vitality, with each participant experiencing joy, improving physical fitness, and honing their resilience, contributing to their personal growth and development. This event is part of the diverse array of cultural and sports activities organized by the International College, enriching the campus life of international students. The International College will continue to host a variety of cultural and sports activities to create a vibrant campus life for international students, facilitate exchange and cooperation between Chinese and international students, and foster mutual growth and progress.