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  1. Hotels Around the Airport

After your arrival at the airport, you can firstly go to the hotel for a rest ifnecessary. The information of hotels around is shown below.


Hotel Information

Hotel Name

Phone Number




BeiJing Capital Airport T3  business Lounge

(pay by hour)



BeiJing Capital Airport No.3  Terminal B3E1



BeiJing Meng Yi Zhi Jia Catering  Management Limited Company



BeiJing Capital Airport of  ShunYi District AIR CBD Guan Tou Cun No.306




BeiJing Kong Guang Xin Yue Business  Hotel




BeiJing Capital Airport Gang  Shan Road No.42



BeiJing Di Hang Business Hotel



BeiJing Capital Airport Gang Shan Road  No.42




BeiJing Li Hao Hotel



BeiJing Capital Airport of  Chaoyang District, South Road

No.1(north of The BeiJing  Capital Airport Hospital)




Lang Hao Hotel



BeiJing Capital Airport of  Chaoyang District, Er Jing Road No.1 (southwest of No.3 Airport Terminal )


  1.   Bus Line To Zhong guancun Campus of UCAS

Youcan take the airport bus to Zhong guan cun Campus and the bus line is shownbelow.


FromCapital Airport to Zhongguancun Campus of UCAS

Ticket Price  :  ¥16

Bus Route:

1)  步行至机场5线公交站

Aftergetting off the plane at the Beijing Capital International Airport, find theAirport Bus Stopfirst.


1)        乘坐机场巴士5线, 在 终点站中关村(四号桥)站下车

Takethe airport bus line 5 to theZhong guan cun Station(中关村站).

Notethat there are two kinds of bus named line 5, you should take the one whichgoes to the Zhong guan cun Station(中关村站).


2)  步行至中国科学院大学青年公寓

Headeast and walk along the BeisihuanWest Road(北四环西路). Then , turnright and work south along theZhongguancun East Road(中关村东路). When you see an overpass, you can find anarrow road on your left. Walk along that road you will find the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences(中国科学院大学)about 100 meters later.


  1.   Map of Zhong guan cun Campus

Thepicture below is a map of zhong guan cun campus. When you arrive here, you canwalk around and know more about the campus with its help. Take in mind that,you should firstly go to visit Teacher Wang at the International College office221 for registration.


  1.   Health Certificate And Residence Permit

4.1 Foreigner’s HealthCertificate

Office Name: BeijingInternational Travel Healthcare Center Haidian clinic


Office Address:#10 Dezheng Road,  Xibeiwang Town,Haidian District      


Waysto get there: (It takes about one and half hours.)

 StartingPoint: University of Chinese Academy of Sciences中国科学院大学

 Walkto the Bus Stop: Bao Fu Si Qiao Bei Zhan保福寺桥北站

 TakeBus 333 (innerline) 333内,

 Getoff the bus at Zhong Hai Feng Lian Shan Zhuang Nan Men Bus Stop中海枫涟山庄南门(16 stops)

Walk to the Healthcare Center

For Verification (RMB 60 Yuan)

  1. a)    OriginalHealth Examination Results      
  2. b)    AdmissionLetter or Student ID Card          
  3. c)    Two2-inch photos
  4. d)   Passportand Passport Copy
  5. e)    Nobreakfast
  6. f)     Time:8:30—11:45 AM 13:00-15:30 PM, from Monday to Friday.

For Physical Examination (RMB 650 Yuan\)

  1. a)    AdmissionLetter or Student ID Card
  2. b)    Three2-inch photos
  3. c)    Passportand Passport Copy
  4. d)   Nobreakfast
  5. e)    Time:8:30—11:00 AM, from Monday to Friday.


Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center Haidianclinic



4.2 Foreign ResidencePermit(Within 30 days since the day you arrive in China)

OfficeName: Administrative Department of the Entry and Exit of Foreigners, BeijingPublic Security Bureau北京市公安局出入境管理处

OfficeAddress:No.2,  Andingmen Dong Dajie, East District,Beijing          


Tel:84020101   Time:8:30—16:30 ,from  Monday to Saturday

Waysto get there:(Ittakes about one and half hours.)

StartingPoint: University of Chinese Academy of Sciences 中国科学院大学

Walkto the Bus Stop: Bao fu si qiao nan zhan 保福寺桥南站   TakeBus 660

Getoff the bus at Bus Stop (9 stops): An hui qiao dong zhan  安慧桥东站changeBus406

Getoff the bus at Bus Stop (9 stops): Dong zhi men xiao jie bei kou东直门小街北口站

Walkto the Administrative Department  (about220 m)

Documents needed:

  1. a)     Foreigner's Health Certificate
  2. b)    Passport
  3. c)    Visaor Residence Permit Application Form(外国人签证、居留许可申请表)
  4. d)   One2-inch photo
  5. e)    OfficialLetter issued by ISO
  6. f)      Admission Notice(录取通知书)
  7. g)     Registration Form of Temporary Residence(临时住宿登记表)
  8. h)     Visa Application for Study in China(JW202/201)

Notice:You can get Residence Permit Application Form and Official Letter issued by ISOin international office 221 after you finish physical examination and get yourTemporary Residence certificate.

Administrative Department of the Entry and Exit ofForeigners, Beijing Public Security Bureau