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Living & Expenses

Living on Campus

  1.   Dormitory

Afterregistration, please go to the Apartment Service Center in the basement ofApartment A and sign up to check your room.

Apartment condition: Doubleroom. Boys’ apartment (Apartment D) is equipped with toilet, warm water, bed,table, Internet and cabinet. Girls’ apartment (Apartment E) is equipped withtoilet, warm water, bed, table, Internet, cabinet and air conditioning.


  1.  Bedding has to be prepared byyourselves.
  2.  Cool water: 4 RMB/ton.
  3.  Reclaimed Water: 1 RMB/ton.
  4.  Warm water: 9 RMB/ton.
  5.  Electricity: 0.4883/kilowatt hour.
  6.  Repair: 82683010.

Ifsomething breaks down, please go to the apartment service center for help,which is oppose to the entrance of building D and in the basement. And also youcan turn to the Chinese students on campus for help.  

  1.   Canteens

Canteensare available on campus including a muslin canteen. To prevent fire accident,students are not allowed to cook inside the apartment, once be found to cookinside apartment, you have to outside campus and find an apartment by yourself.

Notice: University will not provideapartments for families on campus. If you are coming with your families, youhave to find an apartment by yourself.

  1.   Student ID Card and Bank

Uponregistration, you need creat a bank account and apply for a campus card. Withyour campus card, you can apply for the internet.

3.1 Bank Card of ChinaConstruction Bank within three days

ChinaConstruction Bank

Bank  Address

No.18Zhongguancun East Road, First floor of Cai Zhi Building. Baofusi Branch ofChina Construction Bank.


OfficehoursMondayto Saturday, 9:00am - 4:30pm


营业时间:周一到周六,9:00am - 4:30pm

How to get there

Take public bus 86 or 319 from Baofuqiaonan station to Baofuqia-obeistation(1 station). Forword 90m, you will find it on your right.Or you can walkthere, it will take you about 15 minutes.



You have to deposit at least 10 RMB in the bank card and please bring the return receipt with your count information from the bank to International College office 221to Miss Jin.


3.2 Campus Card and Internet

CampusCard (Student ID Card)

  After registration, you can apply for campuscard at Campus Card Center (the 1st floor of building 6).

Please send 1-inch digitalphoto and your name to wangyouqing@ucas.ac.cn.

  You can charge your campus card with cash atCampus Card Center (the 1st floor of building 6).


  About internet, you need to go to the campuscard center and apply for it. Notice: remember your student ID.

UserName: StudentID

OriginalPassword: 123456

MonthlyFee:RMB 25

Notice:5 GB Limitation, 1 MB/ 1 RMB for extra