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Counseling & Advising Hour

Counseling & Advising

In IC-UCAS, we provide friendly,confidential solution-focused counseling & referral services to ourstudents without charge.

Successful careers, relationships and personal peacefrequently result from the solutions to life problems learned in college,especially in an international environment.

Understanding& Help are spoken here.

Counseling & Advising Services Include:

  •      Personal development
  •      Adaption in China
  •      Psychological barriers(Non-Certified counseling)

*Suggestions for the college is also highly appreciated

Time & Location:

Thursday 15:00-16:00

Room 223, building 6, Qingniangongyu, 80 Zhongguancun Road

How to reserve

  •      Call 010-82680986 or 010-82680563
  •      Send an email to tanyudong@ucas.ac.cn