Home Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean


Distinguished guests, dear faculty and students,


Good morning. Today we are here to welcome the international students from all over the world. First of all, on behalf of the faculty of the international college, I welcome all of you, welcome to China, welcome to study in UCAS!



As the largest comprehensive R&D center in natural science and high-tech in China, CAS plays a leading role in science and innovation. CAS scientists conduct research in most areas of basic science and home to over 80 percent of China’s large-scale science facilities. In year 2016 CAS ranks No.1 in Nature index by weighted fractional count.


Benefice from remarkably abundant scientific research resources such as members of CAS and institutes all around the country, UCAS is undoubtedly the best research university in China.  I hope everybody can make full use of our resource advantages, and strive to make achievement and success in UCAS!


International College aim to expand the university’s internationalized cultivating model, attract excellent overseas students and create a multinational academic atmosphere. It implements the UCAS guiding principle of “unified enrollment, education management and degree conferment; faculty-institute’s fusion on leadership, faculty, management and cultivating system”.


The mission of the International College of UCAS is to make unremitting efforts to establish an internationalized platform through top-quality research, pioneering education and continuous renewal. It will provide good learning materials, individual academic and professional support, effective administration and logistics, and teaching rooted in research to each student. Till now, students over **countries have been gather in UCAS, I believe the multi-culture environment here will bring you a fresh and sparking mind.


During the last few year IC-UCAS has reached remarkable achievements, IC-UCAS, as your first stop in China, not only provides experienced Chinese language teaching, professional course taught by CAS top researchers and even CAS members, students here are also able to participate world class conferences and forums.


This year our students will spread all over 3 campuses of UCAS, Yuquan is our eldest campus which carries the history of UCAS since 1978, Zhongguancun locates in the city center where other Chinese top universities all around, Yanqihu is our main campus and it is the biggest, newest and most modernized one located beside the Gutianyu Great wall. I strongly suggest you to immerse yourself into each campus culture as well as Chinese culture, China is one of the world’s oldest continuous civilizations with more than 5,000 years’ history but also a modern nation with 30 years of rapid development. Tradition and modernity are mixed here. I hope that you take a walk and look around in the coming years, and get more chances to communicate with Chinese people.


I was once like you, traveling far across the ocean to pursue education in a foreign country. Recalling those days I was grateful for the right choice that I made as a young man. Studying in another country is never easy. Being far away from your friends and family and being thrust into an unfamiliar environment could be tough; facing problems of language and cultural differences might be both mentally and emotionally challenging. But one day, you will look back at these days and be grateful as I am, as those challenges and difficulties have brought you growth and progress.



Here today I would like to put forward some expectations to all of you: The first one is: to be inclusiveness. Each of you is a unique individual representing a part of the world, studying in UCAS offers you various possibilities to communicate, here you will be able to exchange your ideas. All the wit in the world is not in one head, try to learn from each other. It is really a valuable opportunity for your personal development.


My second expectation for you is to be diligence on scientific research, it can be difficult, sometimes even boring, but you need to always remember why you choose science in the very beginning, and never give up no matter what difficulties you meet. It is the constant exploration and contribution of those scientists that lead the humanity across the darkness and mist, and finally step forward to the right direction of civilization, and that is what makes a scientist being respected.


The third expectation comes from one of the old Chinese traditional values, which is indifferent to fame and wealth, fame like a river is narrowest at its source and broadest afar off. To be focus on what you are doing right now, you will be architect of your own future one day.


Dear students, a road of a thousand miles begins here, I wish all of you implement what you’ve dreamed here in UCAS!


Thank you.