On October 26,a visitation to Xiangshan Park was organized by three Chinese Language Classes (Groups 3, 4, and 6) from the Yuquanlu Campus . The excursion was filled with excitement as they embarked on the journey, enjoying a medley of activities aboard the bus, including spirited singing and even some rap performances.

Start the journey

As soon as the students arrived therethey are totally attracted by the beautiful view and the enthusiastic people.Xiangshan Park(Fragrant Hills Park) is located in the northwest of Beijing city, about 16 kilometers away from downtown. With an area of 1,600,000 square meters, it is famous for its imperial garden style and abundance of precious cultural and historical relics. 

IC students in Xiangshan park

Talking with the local people

Beautiful view

Happy time

USHIE Benjamin Bendiwhobel (Wen Xing)(International student)  said:“The park visit was truly extraordinary.......What struck me was the mutual effort we put in to communicate—while we grappled with speaking Chinese to enhance our language skills, they grappled with English to improve their own proficiency. ” Muhammad Adeel Ejaz (International student )said“We saw the passion and zest that Chinese people have when it comes to cherishing their lives and enjoying the best of themselves....... I see people of all ages’ children, adults, and the elderly. School students, couples, Families, and singles all gathered at a place to appreciate nature.I have mad respect for the people of China; I still have a long way to learn more and hopefully cross my culture and way of living with them as well.”

By this event, International students  can  deeply understand the travelling culture of China, enrich living experience and improve communication skills.