The Department of Archaeology and Anthropology in the School of Humanities of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) organized an experiential activity on the Yuquan Road Campus of UCAS with the theme of "International Archaeology Day Presentation and Exhibition Activity". The activity was held at the entrance of the 1st apartment and the Archaeometry Laboratory of the School of Humanities on Yuquan Road Campus. Dr. Bin Han introduced and lead the international students participating in this activities. They were inquiring curiously about the uses of various instruments in archaeological studies and listening attentively to the introduction by the staff in combination with the display of scientific archaeometry research achievements.



International students browse the introduction of the lab.



International students visit the archaeometry lab



Discussing archaeological research issues


The students are very interested in the pottery splicing, they discuss and glue the pottery pieces to the right position to truly feel the process of cultural relics restoration; the experience program of drilling wood to make fire is also very popular. The students are interested in observing and trying to experience the ancient people's fire-making scene. Animal and plant remains are important materials for restoring the life of ancient people, and also important objects for archaeological excavation. The animal remains and charred plants on display attracted students from different disciplines to view and discuss.



Pottery splicing



Drilling wood for fire

International Students View Flora and Fauna Remains



The success of this event has enabled international students of UCAS to increase their knowledge and understanding of Chinese archaeology and history through interactive exchanges. Active participation in the event can also help international students integrate into the local culture and campus life, and we expect international students to pay more attention to and actively participate in the International Archaeology Day and other public archaeology activities.