In order to improve the physical quality of students in our school, enhance the friendship and cultural exchanges with other colleges and students within the college, stimulate students' enthusiasm for football, show the youth vitality and positive spirit of students in our school, enrich students' after-school life, improve students' teamwork ability and cohesion, from May to June 2023, the "Keyuan Cup" 9-A-side Football match was officially launched at the East/West Football Field of Yanqi Lake Campus of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The competition consists of a group stage and a knockout stage with 16 teams participating. 

From 15:00 to 17:00 on May 14, 2023, the International College football team ushered in the first match in the East Football Stadium, against the integrated circuit - Ocean College United.

At 14:15 in the afternoon, in order to adjust to better physical condition, the international College football team members came to the football field in advance to warm up and formulate relevant tactics.

At 15:08 p.m., the game officially began. It was a very evenly matched game, with a number of missed attempts, till the seventh minute, Rasaq Onikola, the International Academy's No. 4 player, broke through the defense and scored the first goal, followed by Rasaq Onikola's goal. No.10 Imrana Salisu scored another point for the International Academy after receiving a pass. The first half ended 2-2 for the integrated circuit - Ocean College United, which scored two points from the penalty spot in the 23rd and the own goal in the 28th.

The players gather to relax their muscles and review their gains and losses

After the opening of the second half, both sides showed strong fighting spirit, the international college organized attacks for many times. Due to the fierce confrontation, Liang Junce of the the integrated circuit - Ocean College United was injured in the eyebrow bone, and the match was suspended. When play resumed, the International Academy's No. 3 Usama Ayaz scored another shot with outstanding individual ability. The game ended in 3:2, with the International College team winning the final victory. 

In the whole game, the international college not only game out of the level, but also game out of style, when the confused penalty, they patiently communicate with the referee; In the appearance of friction knocked down the opponent, the first time concerned about the opponent; When the other team was injured, the players of the international College also surrounded the side to care about the injured student.

This is the first competition of the International College. Congratulations to the International College for getting off to a successful start. Thanks to the team members for bringing such a wonderful performance.

The players cheering together after the game

Attached is the introduction of the participants and the schedule of the next competition. Welcome to watch and cheer.

Imrana Salisu (10)


Behroz Khan (11)

Usama Ayaz (3)

Ammar Shoukat (7)



Rasaq Onikola (4)

Muhammad Mubeen (1)

Hannington Nevin Otieno (20)

M Alim Hanif (2)

Talha Chauhdari (14)

Yazed Abdelaziz Yousif (9)

Ali Alsakkaf (5)

Hasan Ubaid Ullah (96)

Camillus Uchenna Okonkwo (12)

Next competition

International College vs. Middle Dan College

May 21, 16:30-17:40, East Playground