Aiming to enrich students' extracurricular lives, alleviate academic stress, and promote physical and mental well-being, the International College and the School of Integrated Circuits co-organized a badminton tournament. The event also aimed to enhance understanding and communication between teachers and students from both colleges. The competition took place on April 22, 2023, at the Badminton Hall in the East Zone of Yanqi Lake Campus.

Enthusiastically, the students and teachers of the International College actively participated in the tournament. Eleven players, including Imrana Salisu, Hasan Ubaid Ullah, AL-HABABI MOHAMMED, Muhammed Mubeen, Rakib UI Haque, MBUSI PRIME MAFU, BEHROZ KHAN, Usama Ayaz Sunny Sohail, MD SOHRAB ALI, and TALHA CHAUHDARI, competed in the men's singles event. In the mixed doubles competition, AL-HABABI MOHAMMED and IC College's Chen Yan, as well as Rakib UI Haque and IC College's Luo Xiaoying, formed teams.

The tournament followed the latest badminton rules approved by the State General Administration of Sports and comprised five categories: men's singles, women's singles, women's doubles, men's doubles, and mixed doubles. The men's singles followed the knockout system, while the women's singles, men's doubles, and women's doubles used a round-robin system. The mixed doubles competition employed a combination of group points and knockout systems.

During the event, the International College players exhibited exceptional skill and sportsmanship. An interesting moment occurred when Rakib injured his foot. Despite the concern of onlooking students, he continued to play barefoot and ultimately claimed victory, embodying the spirit of an old Chinese saying – the barefooted one is not afraid of the one wearing shoes.

Chinese students shared information about World Earth Day environmental activities, while Muslim students celebrated Eid al-Fitr, one of the two major Islamic holidays. They explained that this holiday holds the same significance as the Chinese New Year.

In a post-match interview, MD SOHRAB ALI shared, "I love playing badminton – in fact, I also enjoy soccer, but badminton is my favorite. Sports make people happy. Another reason for participating in this event is to enhance communication not only among international students but also with Chinese students, promoting cultural exchange."

Rakib Ul Haque, who won first place in both men's singles and mixed doubles, said in an interview, "Badminton is one of my favorite hobbies. I often play at our school's indoor gym. I joined the tournament for fun and to challenge myself. Badminton is a versatile sport that requires speed, agility, and coordination. It can be played indoors and outdoors, in singles or doubles, and is a great way to stay active and improve cardiovascular health. Moreover, it has a social aspect, as it can be played in small groups and is a fun way to meet new people. I thought the tournament was fantastic, featuring intense matches in various categories. I look forward to participating again in the future.