Every museum is a treasure trove of national cultural genes, and the life trajectories of every cultural relic are awe-inspiring.

—— National Treasure

     To promote cultural exchanges and enable international students to better understand Chinese historical and cultural background, while also enhance their integration into Chinese culture,  International College UCCG  organized a visit to the National Museum. On March 19th 2023, both international and Chinese students set out from the Yanqi Lake Campus of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences to visit one of China’s cultural landmarks, the National Museum of China. 

To avoid cursory observation, the International College invited Mr. Liao, a bilingual Chinese-English guide from Renmin University to provide on-site explanations from a cultural fusion and Sino-Western comparison perspective, making it easier for students to understand the significance behind each exhibit. They began the visit from the “Ancient China” exhibition hall. As a permanent exhibition hall of the museum, it comprehensively displays the history of Chinese culture over the last five thousand years from various aspects, including ancient religion, chronology, landscape. Through physical exhibits and multimedia displays, students felt as if they’ve been transported into a grand historical scroll, and were completely immersed in the experience. In the exhibition areas for pottery, bronze, jade, calligraphy and painting, students gained a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of the ancient civilizations.

One international student excitedly said, “Although I had some understanding of Chinese culture before, I found more historical secrets that I haven’t known before. This is an experience I will never forget.”

In addition, the "Road to Rejuvenation", "Ancient Chinese Cuisine Culture Exhibition" ,"The Power of Science and Technology", and other exhibition areas at the museum have also attracted the attention of international students. The exquisite artifacts and exhibits showcased in these exhibitions have amazed international students with the ultimate elegance and precision of China's cultural heritage and the rapid development of the country.

This activity not only enhanced international students’ knowledge of Chinese culture, but also provided a platform for cultural exchange between international and Chinese students, strengthening friendship among everyone. For international students, Chinese culture is bound to leave a deep impression.


What we gain


As an international student, it was my first time visiting the National Museum of China. It was exciting and anticipated, and it sparked endless amazement and admiration in me. The museum provided a unique opportunity for me to learn about the country's rich cultural heritage and gain in-depth insights into Chinese society and history. Through the visit, I gained a better understanding of the figures, places, and events of Chinese civilization. The experience of visiting the National Museum of China enabled me to appreciate the beauty of Chinese history and tradition.

——  Maryam Tariq

The tour of the National Museum of China was an immersive experience that provided a glimpse into the rich history and culture of this ancient civilization. The museum houses a vast collection of artifacts, artworks, and historical objects dating back thousands of years, including the world-famous Terracotta Army. During the tour, we learned about the various dynasties that ruled China, their achievements, and their way of life. The museum also provides insights into Chinese philosophy, religion, and literature. In conclusion, a visit to the National Museum of China is a must for anyone interested in exploring the roots of Chinese civilization and its enduring legacy.

——Muhammad Mubeen

Through this visit, international students had a glimpse of the vastness and depth of Chinese culture. This visit can also benefit their future study and life. As China rises in the process of globalization, Chinese culture is also receiving increasing attention and love internationally. The International College will continue to guide international students to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, broaden their horizon, and promote communication and integration with different cultures. We believe that through continuous communication, international students will deepen their understanding and affection of China, and contribute to future cultural exchanges.