On October 9th, from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, the "UCAS Flag Football Competition for Fun" was held at the football field in the Yanqi Lake East Campus. The event, with over 20 students from various colleges participating in, was jointly organized by the UCAS Cross-cultural Group (UCCG) and the UCAS International College (IC-UCAS). 

Before the game, to prepare participants with better performance in the game, the host introduced the rules patiently, including scoring rules and the way of throwing and catching the ball.

Afterwards, students practiced in groups and familiarized themselves with the rules of ball passing, ball catching, flag pulling and flag guarding, etc. Experience was accumulated for the following competition.

During the competitions, participants were divided into three teams with five players in each. During the round robin games, players were in high spirits, focused, and full of enthusiasm. Although newly-formed, three teams performed quite well and members cooperated with each other smoothly in passing and catching the ball. At the same time, the defending team also took active measures to block the attack with tacit cooperation. During timeouts and halftime, students discussed tactics conscientiously to got prepared for the next round of the game.

The sun was shining during the game and the players on the field were enthusiastic. Silhouettes ran on the grass and sweat flowed freely in the sunshine. Balls were passed and caught alternately in the hands of players, with flags fluttered around their waist. They moved rapidly and steadily on the playground, putting on a constant spectacle. The final game ended with a roar of cheers and students were still talking about the highlights even after the event.

In this competition, every player  cooperated perfectly to give exciting moments. In this competition, students from various cultural background enjoy the games together, and the smiles on everyone's faces were the best proof of the event’s success.

Author: Yan Qinglin Jiang Yiming  

Photographer & Reviewer: Jiang Yiming

Video: Zheng Yifei

Editor: Yan Qinglin