My name is Muhammad Adnan. I am from KPK, Pakistan one of the richest areas in natural resources but also one of the most deprived areas regarding facilities. Pakistan and China have been close friends for many years. Such long-standing relationship has been beneficial for both sides. Pak-China ties have been described as higher than the Himalayas, deeper than the oceans, stronger than steel, dearer than the eyesight, and sweeter than honey. The foundation of this bilateral relationship is a shared commitment to uphold and advance common interests and values. I was pleased and very satisfied after being selected for the Belt and Road Master Fellowship Programme (BRI) award. Now, I live in China. In August 2019, I became a master’s student at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), a big stepping stone toward a brighter future. I spent my first year at UCAS learning Chinese language and coursework before I joined my research team at the Institute of Geochemistry CAS. My stay at UCAS was an incredible time of my life. Chinese language and culture were prerequisites for my degree. The Chinese language makes me smarter and my life more entertaining. These courses helped me a lot to improve my language skills and to compete in professional life as well as student life. My seeing Chinese students going to classes early in the morning was an enjoyable moment. I learnt from them that early risers enjoys their life.

UCAS is the name of nature (as well as Nature Index), which provides all research facilities with a clean environment and many more. UCAS enabled me to enjoy life through friendship, literature, intelligence, and technology. And for a nation as a whole, education sharpens a nation's hard, soft, and meta-skills to achieve a sustainable economy. That's why China is going through the way of a great nation. Looking and observing keenly, I know that UCAS has played a key role in science and technology for the last few years.


I joined my research group in July 2020 at the Institute of Geochemistry CAS. It was really exciting to meet my professor Xiao Baohua for the first time on that Monday morning.  My senior was also there during the meeting. Then we had a regular meeting weekly, and this meeting was a turning point and milestone for my research. The meeting was not just about asking questions but also motivating us for innovation. When I discussed my research article with my professor, he just said that Research means “thinking about thinking”. Be a professional writer! Once you have successfully published your novel work, other researchers will happily read your work, and that will be your uniqueness. Without a doubt, these were crucial factors for making me a professional in my research. All these motivations allow me to express my ideas productively. In the end, he mentioned that one could become successful if one remains consistent with one’s work. In terms of science and technology in UCAS, there are multiple platforms available where you can learn about a particular thing. This process will definitely make you a good researcher because practice makes  perfect. I could feel that motivation in the process of learning and acquiring skills, values, morals, beliefs, and personal development.

Morality, upbringing, ,quality, etc. make up a culture. Culture is the identity of an individual or nation, and China provides her culture and language to us. Language plays an important role in cross-culture communication. The central point is not culture but the imbalance in man’s personality. I have been with my Professor for the last three years. He often teaches me the principle of Chinese culture. In my eyes, he is a kind and traditional Chinese man full of wisdom. I am so fortunate to have such a kind Professor. I deeply enjoyed close and friendly relations with my Professor and Chinese friends.

Aside from that, I went out to get knowledge from different places, including Beijing for the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, Xi’an for the Terracotta Warriors and Horsesi, Guizhou, Xinjiang for its unique natural beauty, etc. In China, It's very important to do some homework before visiting a great cultural spot. During my visit to Terracotta Army (Terracotta Warriors and Horses), I was impressed by the work of Qin dynasty, one of the most significant archaeological discoveries in history and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also known to many as one of the eight wonders in the world. As the old and well-known saying goes, "If you want to know more about China well, you should go to Terracotta Warriors and Horses to feel something splendid". My experience at the Great Wall will also stick with me forever. As a proverb goes, "He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man." To be a "Hero", I faced the scorching sun and arrived at the Great Wall's lofty. It struck me that Chinese culture has a long history and has been splendid for over 5000 years.

Success takes many forms. But a person is truly successful when he begins to contribute to the society. To be more specific, I propose a new definition of success: Success is the satisfaction and excitement that people get when they do something they really want to do. Life is not a race. Rather, it’s a playground to radiate your uniqueness.

Education is not negligible for every human being. China plays an important role in providing practical assistance to international students worldwide. Gratitude comes from the heart and urges to give back. Thanks to my teachers for their rich teaching experience and persuasive teaching methods have allowed me to make a huge leap in my grade and finally got a PhD admission under ANSO (Alliance of International Science Organizations). Now, I can continue to work hard and win glory for UCAS. Finally, I would like to thank China for the care, unwavering love, assistance, resources, and so many others provided to international students like me. A special thanks goes to Professor Xiao Baohua, UCAS, CAS, BRI, ANSO, Institute of Geochemistry, and International College for helping me, and I hope that China will be prosperous and move forward step by step.