On the afternoon of 26th March 2024, more than thirty international students from the International College of UCAS visited the Beijing 12345 Citizen Service Hotline Centre and the Beijing High-level Autonomous Driving Demonstration Zone under the guidance of the leaders and teachers of the College.

This activity is a part of our international students' education of Chinese national context, aiming to enhance their understanding of China's social governance, public services, scientific and technological innovation and industrial modernization development in the new era, and to let them feel the high quality of the capital city Beijing's external services, in anticipation that these international students will play a bridging role in Beijing's international exchanges in the future.

As the first stop of their visit, the team of international students arrived at the Beijing 12345 Citizen Service Hotline Centre and visited the answering hall, network service centre and other places. They learnt about the operation mode of the Citizen Service Hotline by watching the data analysis screen and the answering staff, had a personal experience of answering calls from the citizens, and watched a film about the hotline in the integrated dispatching hall. The 12345 Citizen Service Hotline is a window of China's national context, especially in social governance, and it is a bridge of communication between the government and the public. Through their visit, the international students intuitively understood the duties and achievements of the Citizen Service Hotline, and therefore felt the determination and initiatives of the government of China to efficiently serve the society, as well as the CPC's original aspiration and founding mission to serve the people.

Afterwards, the team arrived at the Beijing High-level Automatic Driving Demonstration Zone, where some international students experienced automatic driving in a demonstration vehicle, and were deeply impressed by the integration of driverlessness, intelligent transport and artificial intelligence interaction. In the Innovation and Operation Centre, the staff explained the operation of autonomous driving and examples of technological innovation, and the students of related majors also discussed technical issues with the staff of the demonstration zone.

In recent years, China's intelligent driving and other new technologies and industries have flourished, and international co-operation in related fields has continued to increase. The students of International College mainly come from the countries along the Belt and Road, after this visit, they deeply felt the potential and charm of China's technological development, which deepened their understanding of China's scientific and technological development, and strengthened their confidence in the future of AI and autonomous driving technology. As a vivid example of national context education and science dissemination, the visit adds impetus to China's high-tech and new industries to go abroad and promote international cooperation in science and technology.

This activity is a new initiative to promote our international students' national context education in a more in-depth and practical way, which is conducive to showing the society of China in the new era and depicting a more comprehensive and real China.