2023 IC-UCAS Opening Ceremony and Orientation Successfully Held at Yuquanlu Campus, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences



On September 13, 2023, the International College of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences held the opening ceremony and orientation for international students at the Auditorium of Yuquanlu Campus. The event was hosted by Dr. Chen Feng, the Administrative Vice Dean of the International College. 325 newly enrolled international students from 42 countries who registered in 67 research institutes participated in the ceremony, marking the beginning of their overseas study journey at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Academician Wu Yueliang , Academic Vice President of UCAS, addressed the new students, emphasizing that despite the challenges posed by the three-year pandemic, their journey to study abroad was not an easy one. He commended the students for their resilience and determination in overcoming these challenges. Academician Wu Yueliang pointed out that the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, through its fusion of scientific research and teaching, offers unprecedented academic and cultural exchange opportunities for students. He expressed high hopes for the Chinese-Foreign Center for Civilization and Cultural Exchange of the college, expecting it to become a significant platform for international cultural exchange between Chinese and foreign students, thereby contributing to the "Belt and Road Initiative" and the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.


Address by Academician Wu Yueliang, Academic Vice President of UCAS


Address by Mr. Hu Zhongbo, Executive Vice Dean of IC-UCAS


Representing the faculty of professional courses, Mr. Liu Xiaoxing, a researcher from the Institute of Process Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, introduced the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences as an outstanding educational and research institution. He emphasized the potential challenges posed by language barriers and cultural differences for international students and encouraged them to actively communicate with each other and embrace different cultures. Mr. Liu also encouraged students to actively engage in Chinese culture and life and explore the rich and diverse culture of China.


Speech by Mr. Liu Xiaoxing, faculty representative of professional courses


Representing the Chinese language instructors at the International College, Mr. Lu Yifei encouraged international students to embrace the beauty of the Chinese language. Learning Chinese will deepen their connection with Chinese culture. At the same time, he recommended students to explore the beautiful city of Beijing and cherish every moment of their experience of studying abroad.


Speech by Mr. Lu Yifei, representative of Chinese language instructors

来自俄罗斯的留学生新生代表,生物化学与分子生物学专业的LOPUKHINA POLINA表示,这段旅程充满挑战与兴奋。北京是文化融合之都,国科大连接着全国数百所研究机构,形成科研网络。在这里,教授和学生汇聚一堂,共同追求科学的热爱。知识、奉献、探究、美德是科学家的特质,但还有更多品质使伟大科学家。希望在国科大的指导下,国际学生能发现自己的道路,为科学世界带来新意。

Representing the new international students from Russia, Polina Lopukhina, majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology, expressed that this journey was filled with challenges and excitement. Beijing is a city of cultural fusion, and the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences connects hundreds of research institutions across the country, forming a research network. Here, professors and students come together to pursue their passion for science. Knowledge, dedication, inquiry, and virtue are the qualities of scientists, but there are even more qualities that make great scientists. She hoped that under the guidance of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, international students could discover their own paths and bring new ideas to the world of science.


Speech by student representative Polina Lopukhina (Russia)


During the opening ceremony, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences unveiled the Chinese-Foreign Center for Civilization and Cultural Exchange, marking the beginning of a new chapter in cultural integration. Distinguished guests, faculty and staff, and student representatives witnessed this important moment. The Chinese-Foreign Center for Civilization and Cultural Exchange of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences aims to plan activities related to national condition education for international students under the "integration of ideological and political education with general education" system, promote mutual learning between civilizations, and boost interactions and exchange among cultures of various countries. This center will also serve as an important international exchange platform, bridging gaps and providing students with a broader international perspective while cultivating outstanding talents with global competence, thereby contributing to the high-quality and high-level development of international education of UCAS.


Leaders, guests and students celebrated for the center


During the orientation segment, Officer Tian Jia from the Exit-Entry Administration Brigade, Shijingshan Branch of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau introduced relevant laws and regulations regarding entry and exit to the new students. Officer Yang Boqiang from the Security Brigade, Shijingshan Branch educated students about anti-fraud measures. Ms. Xiao Yuewen, from the UCAS Psychological Health Education Center, introduced the functions of the center and welcomed students to seek professional help when necessary.


Officer Yang Boqiang educated students about anti-fraud measures


Ms. Xiao Yuewen, from UCAS Psychological Health Education Center, shared psychological health knowledge


A group photo of all faculty, students, and guests was taken to commemorate the occasion