2019 Summer School on Frontier and Interdisciplinary Sciences for the Oversea Students is an innovative training project co-sponsored by International College of UCAS (IC-UCAS), CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship Program and  International Centre for Theoretical Physics Asia-Pacific (ICTP-AP, as a category 2 center under the auspices of UNESCO). The Summer School will focus on Science, Technology Innovation, Career opportunities. University of Chinese Academy of Sciences is promoting the scientific – educational integration and university-institute integration mode, building an extraordinary scientific – educational integration center with institutes of CAS. The IC-UCAS aims to make fully use of the advantages of scientific- educational resource of CAS, accelerate the internationalization of CAS and UCAS, and create an international academic atmosphere and processing the education of international students. The guiding principle of IC-UCAS is “unified enrollment, education management and degree conferment; faculty-institute’s fusion on leadership, faculty, management and cultivating system”. With the concept of “Internationalization, Openness, Comprehensiveness and Perceptiveness”, International College will strive to become a unique and world renewed college.


2019 Summer School will be held in Yanqihu Campus and Zhongguancun Campus of UCAS from July 1st to 6th 2019. The agenda of the summer school will include:

  • Lectures from famous local and international professors on Interdisciplinary Sciences as well as field experts in technology innovations;
  • Lecture from the specialists about the career opportunities in China after PhD graduation;
  • Discovery expedition to the institutes and technology companies;
  • Students’ lecture time. We will encourage students to be the Leading Part instead of Participant Role only. Students will be able to present their research project or scientific idea. We will prepare the Bonus or rewards to the winners.
  • Workshop: “IC-UCAS Alumni Network Design”.

Students who will graduate in 2019 or 2020 are highly encouraged to attend this summer school. Here is the detailed announcement:


  1.  The registration conditions

International students of UCAS

  1. Online Registration

1) Registration Time: Registration begins as from today and the deadline is June 25th, 2019.

2) Firstly go to the website https://www.wjx.top/jq/41643970.aspx for online registration.

3) Then fill in the attached Application Form to apply for the Summer school.

4) Print the Application Form and it needs to be approved by your supervisor with his/her


5) Submit the signed application form to educational administrative department of

your institute (Not IC-UCAS) for approval.


  1.  Registration Quota:

30-40 students

  1.  Approval and funding

All the official selected students will be provided with the hospitality package (which includes tuition and fees, the support of hotel room during the centralized study time and round trip train tickets. Daily meals cost will be paid by students themselves. Other students who want to participate on their own are also welcome.


  1. On-site Registration Requirements

Registration Time: July 1st, 2019, since 8:00AM to 20:00PM

Registration Address: International Conference Center, Yanqihu Campus,UCAS

Team-lead teacher:To be determined by the institute or college


  1.  Contact information


The International College of UCAS       

Phone Number:(010)82680959        


Email: ic-ucas@ucas.ac.cn