The Spring School on Frontier and Interdisciplinary Sciences for International Students of UCAS is an innovative program jointly funded by the International College (hereinafter referred to as IC-UCAS), the Alliance of National and International Science Organizations for the Belt and Road Regions(CAS-ANSO) and the International Centre for Theoretical Physics Asia-Pacific (ICTP-AP)under the auspices of UNESCO, a category B centre,   aiming to cultivate and train the overseas students. The program is open to students from home and abroad of UCAS. This Spring school will focus on the highlight and cross-disciplinary nature of cutting-edge fields, as well as the deep intergration of Scientific Research and Education. The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) is promoting “Scientific Research and Education Intergration” as its basic system of education in a high-quality way and committed to building itself into a world-class university together with all the institutes and other training units. The International College of UCAS (IC-UCAS) is a main base for the education and training of international students at CAS, with the vision of further utilizing the advantages of science and education resources from CAS, accelerating UCAS and CAS’s internationalization paces, creating a diversified, international and academic atmosphere for the students here and there, and promoting the development of education for international students coming to China. 


With the tenet of “mutual administration, mutual governance, sharing and common development" and embracing the philosophy of “Becoming more international, Open, Comprehensiveness and Foresight” as its motto, the International College of UCAS (IC-UCAS) will continue to strive, to make itself one of the most unique, integrated and internationally renowned colleges in the world.


The 2024 Spring School will be held in the city of Dongguan, Guangdong Province, in southern China,  from 21st April to 26th April, 2024 at Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory, under the support of the Institute of Physics(hereinafter referred to as “IP”), CAS and Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory.  This Spring School will be gathering the most eminent teaching faculty and resources from the IP, CAS, and Songshan Lake Materials Lab. It will also teach trainees material-related Sciences and Engineering, Physics, Chemistry Engineering, and Technology as well as other cross-disciplinary courses in the advanced science and technology field. Meanwhile, the national panorama learning and training workshop will be carried out, open to all international education and management faculty from the training units of UCAS. Followings are specific details about this Spring School: 

I. Registration Requirements

All excellent senior international students from UCAS, and senior Chinese students from training units from the Chinese Great Bay Area. 

II. Application Accesses

      a. Time: the deadline is 18th, April, 2024 from the day on;

      b. Login website: for registration 

      c. Fill out the attachment 2024 Spring School Application form for International Students 

      d. Print the application form and ask for your supervisor’s signature

      e. Submit your application form with your supervisor’s signature to your training units  for viewing and stamping.

      f. The International College shall be informed of the name list of the enrolled students and their student IDs by the date of 19th, April. In addition, please upload relative information of teaching faculty for better arrangements. The list of selected participants will be released on the evening of the 19th of April.

III. Enrollment Quota


IV. Acceptance and Funds

All training units( institutes, schools and departments)shall select out the students first and then decide whether or not to accept the student or provide relative funds. (Notes: Considering the quota is limited, PLEASE DONOT RELEASE the NAME LIST until APPROVED by the IC-UCAS)

Funding Content: 

V. Registration Requirements

TIME: 21st April, 2024 14:00-20:00

Venue: A1, Guest Visiting Accommodation Place, Songshan Lake

Materials Lab (Pingdong East Road, No.333, Dalang town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province)

Leading teacher: chosen by the units themselves ( little tip: select the A-Class education and management comrade to lead the team and participate the workshop)


VI. Contacts

Post code: 100190                                                        

Tele: 010-8268 0563

Fax: 010-8268 0957

Songshan Lake Material Lab

Post code: 523000

Tele: 0769-8913 6734

Faz: 0769-8913 6991

春季学校申请表2024 Spring School Application Form.docx