Notice on online Registration of 2022 Autumn Semester

Dear international students,

The online registration system will go live on Aug.18th, 2022(Beijing time). For new students who are currently outside of China, or whose host institute are outside Beijing , or who are now in a middle- or high-risk area of China, you are required to complete online registration on August 18th — August 24th,2022. (before 17:00, GMT+8) 

1.The official link for online registration:

The procedures of online registration, please see the attachment Guide for Online registration

More information for new student, please see the attachment Guide for UCAS International graduate freshmen  

2. FAQ:

① Q: I don’t have passport and passport number till now, how can I register online?   

 A: Please ask teacher who sent email to you for help. Remember to write your full name, nationality, scholarship type and other essential information when you send email.

②  Q: I did not receive admission notice of UCAS yet, what should I do?

 A: Please contact with your host institute about admission notice.

③ Q: I entered right user name and password, but I can’t log in the system. What should I do?   

A: First try again. If it’s still not working, please send email (with your passport number, full name and problem) to the teacher who sent email to you for help. Remember to write your full name, nationality, passport and other essential information when you send email. 

Guide for Online Registration

1. Paste the link below to browser to open online registration system.

2. Log in to the online registration system, user name is your passport number, password is your passport number plus 2022. For example, if your passport number is A123, user name of the system is A123 and password is A1232022. (Tips: letters of the passport number and password) should be capitalized.

3. Click the “start registration”, then fill in the form and submit documents required (scanned copy of passport first page, admission notice from UCAS, original Bachelor degree certificate, original master degree certificate) in the online registration system.

4. After submit successfully, please wait for review. The result will be sent to your email after review. Please note to check email sent by