Fellow students:

In order to facilitate postgraduates to handle electronic transcripts, the school has developed a postgraduate electronic transcript handling system. Starting from April 30, 2020, postgraduates can complete the application, payment, and download of electronic transcripts through this system, without the need to apply for electronic transcripts through the email address designated by the Academic Affairs Department. The specific matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. Service object

1.1. Graduate students enrolled in Beijing centralized teaching in 2001 and later can apply for transcripts of the Beijing centralized teaching online.

1.2. Graduate students enrolled in 2013 and later can apply online for the transcripts of Beijing's centralized teaching and institute-level teaching.

2. Charging standards

2.1. Each graduate student can download a copy of the electronic transcripts for Chinese with GPA, Chinese without GPA, English with GPA and English without GPA.

2.2. After downloading the free quota, if you still need to download the transcript, you will need to pay 5 yuan for each copy.

3. Handling process

Postgraduates can complete the electronic transcript processing in four steps: log in to the application interface, electronic transcript application, payment, and download. The specific process is as follows:

3.1 Login in the application interface

Both graduate students and graduated graduate students can log in to the "选课系统" in one of the following two ways to apply for electronic transcripts.

 Method 1: Log in to the SEP platform and enter the "Course Selection System". The login URL is: http://sep.ucas.ac.cn (see Figure 1).

Method 2: Follow the WeChat enterprise account of the "中国科学院大学University of Chinese Academy of Sciences" and log in to the "选课系统Course Selection System" (see Figure 2 for the follow-up process of the WeChat enterprise account). Path: "中国科学院大学University of Chinese Academy of Sciences" WeChat Enterprise Account-"网上办事大厅Online Office"-"教务部电子成绩单申请Application for Electronic Transcript from the Academic Affairs Department"-Enter the SEP System-"选课系统Course Selection System" (see Figure 3).

 20200430图1 网页登录界面2

Figure 1 Web page login SEP platform interface

  20200430图2 微信企业号关注流程

Figure 2 Follow Process of WeChat Enterprise Account

 20200430图3 企业微信界面合并

Figure 3 Enterprise WeChat interface

3.2 Application for electronic transcripts

3.2.1. Graduate student

      (1) Every time a postgraduate student applies for an electronic transcript, he must submit an application on the "电子成绩单申请Electronic Transcript Application" interface of the "选课系统" and fill in the application reason (see Figure 4).

      (2) The education management cadres of the training unit have passed the approval of the "集中教务(培养单位管理干部角色)centralized educational administration (the role of the management cadre of the training unit)"-" 成绩管理score management"-"成绩单审核transcript review" (see Figure 5).

      (3) Only after passing the review of the training unit, can the payment, download and other matters be completed.

  20200430图4 申请界面

Figure 4 Application interface

  20200430图5 审批界面

Figure 5 Approval interface

3.2.2. Graduated graduate students

       Graduated graduate students submit an application on the "电子成绩单申请Electronic Transcript Application" interface of the "选课系统Course Selection System" and fill in the reasons for the application. There is no need for the training unit to review and directly enter the payment link.

3.3 Payment

Enter the order page from "电子成绩单申请Electronic transcript application"-"缴费Payment". Before confirming the order, you must preview the transcript, and carefully check whether the name, major, course and grades in the transcript are correct. After confirming that they are correct, click "确认订单Confirm order", "保存并返回Save and return" or "支付订单Pay order" (Figure 6, 7, 8).

  20200430图6 缴费界面

Figure 6 Payment interface

  20200430图7 确认订单界面

Figure 7 Confirm order interface

  20200430图8 支付界面

Figure 8 Payment interface

3.4 Download

       After the payment is successful, the electronic transcript can be downloaded through the "电子成绩单申请electronic transcript application"-"下载download" interface (see Figure 9). From the date of successful payment, the course selection system saves the electronic scores for a single month. It cannot be downloaded for more than one month and needs to be re-applied.

 20200430图9 下载界面

Figure 9 Download interface

4. Other instructions

4.1. From March 25, 2020 to April 29, 2020, if you have applied for an electronic transcript via email, the type of electronic transcript you applied for has no free quota.

4.2. The graduate student must submit an application in the system before downloading the electronic transcript, and the fee can be paid and downloaded after being reviewed by the training unit.

4.3. Each electronic transcript has a unique QR code, and users can verify the authenticity online by scanning the QR code; you can also open the PDF electronic transcript through the Adobe reader on the computer (don’t turn off the reader to update automatically). Click on the "中国科学院大学证明专用章Special Seal of Chinese Academy of Sciences University Certification" to obtain the signature verification status of the document and verify the validity of the transcript.

4.4. The school is processing the transcript data of postgraduate students enrolled before 2001 who participated in Beijing intensive teaching. Electronic transcripts are temporarily not available. For those graduate students who need to apply for electronic transcripts, please contact the Department of Teaching Affairs.

5. Contact

When applying for electronic transcripts, if graduate students find errors in the downloaded electronic transcripts or the verification of the electronic seal failed, please contact the Department of Teaching Affairs; if you need to issue an invoice, please contact the Finance Department; for account login problems, please contact the Teaching Technology Support Department.

1. Contact information of the Department of Teaching Affairs:

Contact: Teacher Sun; Tel: 010-69671080; Email: sunjie@ucas.ac.cn

2. Contact information of the Finance Department:

Contact: Teacher Chen; Tel: 010-88256213

3. Contact information of Teaching Technology Support Department:

Tel: 010-88256622; Email: service@ucas.ac.cn


                                                                                                                                                                                         Department of Teaching Affairs

                                                                                                                                                                                        April 30, 2020