The 2024 Summer School on Frontier and Interdisciplinary Sciences for International Students of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (the Summer School) is an international education and innovative training program jointly funded by the International College of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (IC-UCAS), the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) - the Alliance of National and International Science Organizations for the Belt and Road Regions (CAS-ANSO), and the UNESCO Category 2 Center - International Centre for Theoretical Physics Asia-Pacific (ICTP-AP). The program is open to both Chinese and international students of UCAS. The Summer School will focus on the highlight and cross-disciplinary nature of cutting-edge fields and the deep integration of scientific research and education. The University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences actively promotes a high-quality education model characterized by the fusion of scientific research and education, working with CAS institutes and other schools and departments to build itself into a world-class university. The International College serves as the main base for the international education and training of students of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Its goal is to leverage the scientific and educational resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, accelerate the internationalization of both the UCAS and CAS, create a diverse international academic atmosphere, and promote the development of education for international students in China. The International College, with its educational philosophy based on being “international, open, comprehensive, and forward-looking”, strives to establish itself as a distinctive, integrated, and internationally renowned institution in line with the principle of “mutual administration, mutual governance, shared benefits and common development.”


The 2024 Summer School will be held in Yanqi Lake Campus of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences from August 4 to August 9, 2024. This Summer School will bring together high-level teaching resouce from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and relevant CAS institutes, and teach students the cutting-edge hot spots and research methods in fields around sustainable development-related basic sciences, mainly involving disciplines such as ecology, mechanics, astrophysics, remote sensing technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and materials science.

Relevant acceptance matters are detailed as follows:

I. Application Requirements

International students currently studying at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and excellent international alumni.

II. Application Procedure

Application Time: Registration is open from now until July 19, 2024.

Log in to the website to register.

Fill in the attached 2024 Summer School Application Form for International Students.

Print the application form and obtain the signature and approval of your supervisor.

Submit the signed form to the department responsible for student education in your training unit (CAS institutes, schools or departments) for approval.

Education departments of training units will inform the International College by email of the enrolled students’ names and student IDs by the end of July 20, 2024. (Students’ application forms can be left at their educational units )

In order to better adapt to the new situation of education development at home and abroad, further improve the quality and ability of China's education management staff, strengthen the knowledge and understanding of national policies and international education conditions, and cultivate high-quality and high-level education management staff with international vision and innovative spirit, this Summer School will continue to carry out national education training courses for education management staff simultaneously. Education management staff are welcome to register directly by email.

III. Enrollment Quota


IV. Acceptance and Funds

The departments responsible for student education in each training unit (CAS institutes, schools and departments) shall select out the students first, and then decide whether or not to accept the student or provide relative funds. (Note: Taking into consideration the specific circumstances of the organizer and the quota restrictions of the Summer School, research institutes or departments and the International College will confirm the quota together before informing the students) Fund contents: the organizer of the Summer School will cover all formal students’ miscellaneous fees, teaching materials, accommodation fees(from the evening of August 4 to before 12:00 on the August 10) and meal expenses during class; each training unit (CAS institutes, schools, and departments) will reimburse round-trip travel expenses from the city where the student is currently studying to Beijing (transportation methods determined by each training unit).

V. Registration Requirements

Registration Time: August 4, 2024, 14:00-19:00

Registration Venue: Lobby of UCAS International Conference Center, Yanqihu Campus, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huairou District, Beijing

Team Leader: chosen by each training unit (For safety reasons, it is suggested that training units with a large number of participants should be led by educational management personnel)

VI. Contacts

International College, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Postcode: 100190

Tel: 01082680563

Fax: 01082680957


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