Notification of Registration for the Online Course in the International College


In the autumn semester of 2022-2023, the International College will offer four public degree courses for foreign students (Elementary Chinese 1, Elementary Chinese 2, China Panorama, Academic Morality and Writing Norms) and several professional degree courses and optional courses. Students from 2018 onwards should take Academic Morality and Writing Norms as it is required for graduation in UCAS. This course cannot be exempted. The International College will set specific online classes in the spring semester for old students and it is suggested to register and complete this course in the spring semester.

1. Application conditions: International old students who have not finished the collective teaching.

2. Registration process: Students can fill in the registration form and submit to the institute. After collecting and confirming the name list of students who want apply for the Online Course in the International College, the institute please send the electronic version of the  registration form to before January 18th, 2023. The International College will not accept the registration information by student directly. Students please contact with the institute first.

3. Note for course waiver:  The International College has already implemented the Chinese language exemption rules. Students who meet one of the following requirements can apply for Chinese language course waiver and receive corresponding credits: (1) you have obtained HSK Level 3 or above certificate; (2) You have obtained a bachelor degree or above in Chinese University with the transcript of related Chinese courses. Students who need to apply for course waiver should send a scanned copy of the relevant materials to the registration email. After the approval, they will receive the corresponding credits in the second semester (6 credits).






1. 报名条件:未参加过集中教学的留学生老生

2. 报名方式:报名方式:想要报名的留学生在填写完报名信息后提交给各所的留管干部,由留管干部确认拟参加课程学习的名单后,于2023118日前将电子版报名表发送至。原则上国际学院不接受学生直接报名

3. 联系方式:雁栖湖东校区学园四512,中国科学院大学国际学院,杨静,010-

4. 免修说明:国际学院已经实行汉语课免修规定,符合条件的学生可以在报名时申请汉语课及中国概况课程免修并获得相应学分。满足以下条件之一可申请免修:(1)已获得HSK三级或以上证书;(2)在中国高等院校使用汉语学习获得本科以上相应学位。需要申请免修的学生请把相关材料扫描件发到报名邮箱,审核通过后,将在第二学期获得相应的学分(6学分)。



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