If you want to apply for the test of HSK, please open the official website of HSK test.


1. New user need to register your account first.

2. Then fill the required information.

Notice: the password should include number, capital and small letter and special symbol, for example "Icucas-2022".

3. After submitting successfully, click the "Register Now" button.

4. Then the page will turn to the registration of HSK test. Choose the level of HSK you want to take.

5. Take HSK III as an example. Click it and turn to the specific page. Click the "Register" button.

6. Choose the Continent and Country/Region which are more convenient for you to take the test. If you want to take it ONLINE in your HOME, you can choose the "Internet-based Test (at home)".

Notice: If you choose the online test at home, please read the following page carefully. 


Test takers from certain countries are required to take both HSK and HSK Oral Test.

If you have question about the online test at home, you can contact the official email of HSK,  


7. If you want to take the test at center, you can choose the center which is most convenient for you.

The test date of 2022 is in the following picture. You can choose the day in the red square.


The test center information can be found here.

8. If you are in China now, you can take the online test on October 22nd. Please read the following instruction carefully.


9. After you submit the HSK-Registration-Test Center Choosing, you need to confirm with the personal information.

10. Upload the white-color background, two-inch certificate photo as required.

 11. Confirm the detail information.

12. Fill in Mailing information of the Score Report.

13. Submit the mailing information and pay online. Then the registration is finished.

14. If you quit the filling information page by accident or fill the wrong information, you can click the "Personal Information Center" to see the operation.

 Please remember to attend the test on time. Wish every student will pass the HSK with high score.