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Digitalization and Its Practice under the Background of 5G Technology


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Zhao Yue(赵越)

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School of Economics and Management, UCAS

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2022-09-16 19:00

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2022-09-16 21:40

More details about the speaker Zhao Yue(赵越):

    She graduated from Northeastern University with a master's degree in computer science, obtained MBA from Fudan University-BI Norwegian School of Management, and studied at PMD, Harvard Business School. 

    She worked in the field of telecommunication and Internet operation innovation for a long time, accumulating rich research experience in big data innovation and application. She proposed the "data values" system and the data element upgrading of Cobb-Douglas Production Function. Her researches focused on intelligent network and intelligent transportation industry. She also put emphysis on product innovation and industrial promotion in the field of Internet of vehicles and intelligent transportation.