Reminders for UCAS International Students in 2022 Winter Vacation




Dear students,

As the 2022 winter vacation is approaching, in order to protect your health and safety and ensure a safe and peaceful vacation, we hereby kindly remind you to pay attention to the followings:



. Maintain Good Personal Protection

No matter where you are, please wear a mask when you are outside and wash your hands frequently. You are encouraged to bring your own cutlery when eating in the cafeteria. Be sure to manage your own health, and once you have symptoms such as fever, dry cough, change in smell or taste, you should report to your host institute as soon as possible, and seek medical treatment in time.



Ⅱ. Cooperate With the University to Fight the Epidemic

According to the requirements of Beijing authority, for students whose host institutes are in Beijing, please cooperate with UCAS in anti-epidemic work.

1. 按照所在学院、研究所的要求,坚持每日按时如实上报健康状况和所处地点信息。要少聚集、少走动、少扎堆。

1. Report truthfully your health status and location information every day as required to your host institute. Avoid gathering in groups or walking around in public places.

2. 寒假期间,国科大校区继续实行相对封闭管理。在校内住宿的同学,非必要不出校。如确有需要出校园,要通过网上办事大厅行程管理系统如实申报和审批。

2. During the winter vacation, UCAS Beijing campuses will continue to implement relatively-closed management. Students who live on-campus should not leave the campus unless it is necessary. If it is necessary to leave the campus, you are required to submit your application through the "Student Journey Management" Online System .

3. 非必要不离京。因故确需离京的,请提前了解目的地疫情发生情况及防疫管控措施。离开前,务必事先向所在学院、研究所请假,切记随身携带足量口罩等防疫物品。

3. Do not leave Beijing unless necessary. If you really need to leave Beijing for some reason, please find out the epidemic situation and prevention and control measures of the destination in advance. Before leaving, be sure to ask your host institute for leave in advance, and remember to bring enough anti-epidemic items such as masks with you.

3.1 不要前往中高风险地区。不要前往14日内有1例(含)以上本土新冠肺炎感染者的地级市和陆路边境口岸所在县(市、区、旗)


3.1 Do not travel to Medium/High-risk areas. Do not travel to neither prefecture-level cities where one or more COVID-19 confirmed local cases are found within 14 days, or counties (county-level city, district or banner) where land border crossings are located.

Note: According to the current regulations in Beijing, people with a travel or residence history in a county (county-level city, district, banner) where one or more confirmed local cases are found within 14 days, are strictly restricted from entering (returning to) Beijing. People with a travel or residence history in a county (county-level city, district or banner) where land border ports are located within 14 days, are prohibited from entering (returning to) Beijing unless absolutely necessary. 

3.2 旅居地如为中高风险地区,或共同生活的人员中有新冠肺炎确诊病例、疑似病例、无症状感染者及密接的学生,推迟返校,待疫情好转后经审批返校。

3.2 If your travel or residence place in winter vocation is in a medium-high risk area, or if there are confirmed cases, suspected cases, asymptomatic infected persons, and close contacts of COVID-19 among the people living together, you should postpone your return to UCAS Beijing campuses until approval is obtained after the situation improves.

3.3 如遇有旅居地动态调整为中高风险地区的,应按照当地疫情防控相关要求落实防控措施,并及时报告所在学院/研究所。

3.3 If your travel or residence place is dynamically adjusted to a Medium/High-risk area, you should implement prevention and control measures in accordance with local requirements, and report to your host institute in a timely manner.

3.4 从京外返校的同学,须持登机登车前48小时内核酸检测阴性证明、行程卡绿码、北京健康宝绿码,通过返校系统提交申请,由所在学院、研究所审批后才能返校。

3.4 Students returning to campus from outside Beijing must present a negative nucleic acid test result obtained within 48 hours, show "green code" of the Communication Big Data Travel Card and the green code of the "Beijing Health Kit" before boarding. Before returning to UCAS Beijing campuses, you should submit your application through the "Student Back-to-Campus Platform" for approval by your host institute.

3.5 返校学生要如实向所在学院、研究所报告健康状况,如本人或家庭共同居住人员有发热、咳嗽等症状,应及时就医并推迟返校。

3.5 Students returning to campus must truthfully report their health status to their host institutes. If they or their family members have symptoms such as fever and cough, they should seek medical attention in time and delay returning to campus.

3.6 学生因故不能按规定时间返校,务必事先向所在学院、研究所说明情况或请假。

3.6 Students who are unable to return to campus at the appointed time for some reason must explain the situation to the college or research institute or ask for leave in advance.



Ⅲ. Safety Precautions

During the holidays, please pay more attention to your personal safety, traffic safety, property safety and food safety. Please pay special attention to the followings:

1. 假期留在雁栖湖校区、中关村校区和玉泉路校区的学生,要严防火灾。严禁在宿舍内吸烟、生火做饭、使用大功率电器。在离开宿舍前,要整理好宿舍物品,关好门窗,关闭宿舍电源、水源。贵重物品妥善保管。

1. Students who stay in UCAS Beijing campuses during the holidays should take strict precautions against fire. Smoking, cooking, and using high-power electrical appliances in the dormitory are strictly prohibited. Before leaving the dormitory, you should organize the dormitory items, close the doors and windows, and turn off the power and water sources. And please keep your valuables safe.

2. 禁止聚众斗殴、赌博、吸毒、贩毒、卖淫嫖娼、违法打工等违反中国法律的行为,禁止在校园内非法宣教和在校内公共场所开展宗教活动。

2. It is forbidden to engage in crowd fighting, gambling, drug taking, drug trafficking, prostitution, illegal work and other activities in violation of Chinese laws. Illegal preaching and religious activities in public places on campus are also prohibited.

3. 冬季寒冷,湖面河面结冰,在冰面上行走容易发生危险,请务必远离结冰湖面、河面,注意自身安全。

3. Lakes and rivers are frozen in the cold winter. It would be very dangerous to walk on the ice. Please stay away from the frozen lake and river, and pay attention to your own safety.

4. 不乘坐无牌、无运营许可证及超载的交通工具。

4. Do not take unlicensed or overloaded vehicles.

5. 要增强防范意识和应对能力,防止受骗,特别注意避免误入传销组织,谨防电信诈骗、网络诈骗。

5. Be sure to enhance prevention awareness and coping ability to prevent being deceived, pay special attention to avoid involving pyramid selling organizations, and beware of telecommunication & online fraud.

6. 不到人员密集或未开发的区域游玩,注意水上安全和山上安全。无论是集体出行还是个人出现,到较偏远地方时,应提前向所在学院、研究所报告。

6. Do not play in crowded or undeveloped areas, and pay attention to personal safety on water and mountains. When going to a remote place, whether it is a group or individual travel, you should report to your host institute in advance.

7. 外出跟团旅行时请找正规旅行社,切记在24小时内到当地派出所办理临时住宿登记。

7. If you choose to travel with a tour group, please find a regulated and formal travel agency, and remember to go to the local police station for temporary accommodation registration within 24 hours.

8. 冬季是火灾多发期。外出游玩时,不要随意吸烟和乱扔烟头,燃放烟花爆竹应遵守当地的法律法规。北京市内禁止燃放烟花爆竹,请自觉遵守。

8. Winter is a fire-prone period, so when going outside, you should not smoke and throw cigarette butts at will, and set off fireworks and firecrackers in compliance with local laws and regulations. In addition, it is forbidden to set off fireworks and firecrackers in Beijing, please consciously abide by the relevant regulations.





Ⅳ. Advice for Students Staying Abroad

Please strengthen personal protection to avoid being infected. Please do not travel to areas at risk of the epidemic unless necessary. Students who have not been vaccinated must be vaccinated as soon as possible. In principle, students should get fully vaccinated as soon as possible.

Please keep in close contact with your tutor and host institute, and conscientiously complete the tasks of course study and scientific research where conditions permit. For students who are willing to suspend, extend their study period or drop out, please submit application to your host institutes in time to go through the relevant procedures.

You will be notified as soon as possible if there are any changes in the policy of study visa in China.









Emergency Contact Information:

International Students Office, UCAS: 13426292124

General Duty Room, UCAS: 18511561591

Psychological Assistance, UCAS: 4006525580

Police: 110

Traffic Police: 122

Fire alarm: 119

First Aid: 120/999



International Students Office

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

January 5, 2022