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Building 3, no.16, lincui road, chaoyang district, Beijing

Name: Wang-Lei    

Gender: male


Telephone: 010-8409 7107    

Emails: wanglei@itpcas.ac.cn        

Postcode: 100101   

Address: Building 3, no.16, lincui road, chaoyang district, Beijing


Resaerch Area

Distributed land surface hydrological model & Integrated Water Resources Management

Award and Honor

(1)National excellent science and technology workers (2016)

(2)“Ten thousand people plan”(2015) 

(3)National fund committee outstanding young science fund (2013)

(4)Japanese provincial scholarship (2004 - 2007)

(5)Good graduate of TSinghua university (2002)


Selected Publications

  1. X. Guo, L. Tian*, L. Wang, W. Yu, and D. Qu (2017), River recharge sources and the partitioning of catchment evapotranspiration fluxes as revealed by stable isotope signals in a typical high-elevation arid catchment, Journal of Hydrology (in press). (SCI, IF = 3.043)
  2. B. Ding, K. Yang*, W. Yang, X. He, Y. Chen, Lazhu, X. Guo, L. Wang, H. Wu, and T. Yao (2017), Development of a Water and Enthalpy Budget-based Glacier mass balance Model (WEB-GM) and its preliminary validation, Water Resources Research (in press). (SCI, IF = 3.792)
  3. X.P. Li*, L. Wang, X. Guo, and D. Chen (2017), Does summer precipitation trend over and around the Tibetan Plateau depend on elevation? International Journal of Climatology, DOI: 10.1002/joc.4978. (SCI, IF = 3.609)
  4. X. Guo, L. Wang*, L. Tian, X.P. Li (2017), Elevation-dependent reductions in wind speed over and around the Tibetan Plateau, International Journal of Climatology, 37, 1117-1126, DOI: 10.1002/joc.4727. (SCI, IF = 3.609)
  5. Lei Wang*, Litao Sun, Maheswor Shrestha, Xiuping Li, Wenbin Liu, Jing Zhou, Kun Yang, Hui Lu, Deliang Chen (2016b), . Improving Snow Process Modeling with Satellite-Based Estimation of Near-Surface-Air-Temperature Lapse Rate, Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 121, 12005–12030, doi:10.1002/2016JD025506. (SCI, IF = 3.318)
  6. L. Wang*, X.P. Li*, Y. Chen, K. Yang, D. Chen, J. Zhou, W. Liu, J. Qi, and J. Huang (2016a), Validation of the Global Land Data Assimilation System based on measurements of soil temperature profiles, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 218, 288–297. (SCI, IF = 4.461)
  7. Godfrey Ouma Makokha, Lei Wang*, Jing Zhou, Xiuping Li, Aihui Wang, Guangpeng Wang, David Kuria (2016), Quantitative Drought Monitoring in a Typical Cold River Basin over Tibetan Plateau: an integration of meteorological, agricultural and hydrological droughts, Journal of Hydrology, 543, 782–795. (SCI, IF = 3.043)
  8. Sichangi W. Arthur, Lei Wang*, Kun Yang, Deliang Chen, Zhongjing Wang, Xiuping Li, Jing Zhou, Wenbin Liu, David Kuria (2016), Estimating continental river basin discharges using multiple remote sensing data sets, Remote Sensing of Environment, 179, 36-53. (SCI, IF = 5.881)
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  11. Jing Zhou*, Lei Wang, Yinsheng Zhang, Yanhong Guo, Dan He (2016), Spatiotemporal variations of actual evapotranspiration over the Lake Selin Co and surrounding small lakes (Tibetan Plateau) during 2003–2012, SCIENCE CHINA Earth Sciences, 59(12), 2441-2453, DOI: 10.1007/s11430-016-0023-6. (SCI, IF = 1.655)
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  13. Huiyi Bao*, Toshio Koike, Kun Yang, Lei Wang, Maheswor Shrestha, Peter Lawford (2016), Development of an enthalpy-based frozen soil model and its validation in a cold region in China, Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 121, 5259–5280, doi:10.1002/2015JD024451. (SCI, IF = 3.318)
  14. Yoshihiro Shibuo*, Eiji Ikoma, Oliver Saavedra Valeriano, Lei Wang, Peter Lawford, Masaru Kitsuregawa, Toshio Koike (2016), Implementation of real-time flood prediction and its application to dam operations by data integration analysis system, Journal of Disaster Research, 11(6), 1-10, Dr11-6-8060.
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