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Yang, Kun
- Institute of Tibetan plateau, Chinese academy of sciences
(86) 10-84097094

Name: Yang, Kun

Gender: male


Institute of Tibetan plateau, Chinese academy of sciences

Emails: yangk@itpcas.ac.cn

Postcode: 100101   

Address: Building 3, no.16, lincui road, chaoyang district, Beijing

Telephone: (86) 10-84097094

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2007: Researcher, Institute of Tibetan plateau, Chinese academy of sciences;
2003: Associate professor, University of Tokyo;
2002: Researcher, Technology company in Japan;
2001: Post-PH.D, Japan communications agency;
2000: Researcher, Technology company in Japan; 

1994 -07 :Bachelor, Tsinghua University;

1997 -07:Master Degree, Tsinghua University;

2000 -09:PH.D, University of Tokyo in Japan;

Research Area:

Process simulation about land and simulation of data;
Land-air interaction;

Selected Publications:

Invited newsletter and book chapter

  1. Yang, K., 2017: Observed Regional Climate Change in Tibet over the Last Decades, Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science, 1-41, doi:10.1093/acrefore/9780190228620.013.587.[learn more]
  2. Yang, K., X. Li, and T. Koike, 2010: Report on the CAS-CEOP Lhasa workshop, GEWEX News, 20(3), 5.[learn more]
  3. Yang, K., 2009: Diurnal variations of thermal roughness length and its importance for land surface modeling in dry regions, AsiaFlux Newsletter, 30, 10-14.[learn more]
  4. Yang, K., H. Lu, and T. Koike, 2009: Microwave LDAS improves soil moisture and land flux estimates, GEWEX News, 19(3), 2-3.[learn more]
  5. Yang, K., T. Koike, G. Huang, and N. Tamai, 2007: Development and Validation of an Advanced Model for Estimating Solar Radiation from Surface Meteorological Data, Chapter 1 (pp.1-53), Recent developments in Solar Energy Research, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York, (ed. Hough T. P.), pp. 356.[learn more]
  6. Yang, K., M. Rasmy, S. Rauniyar, and T. Koike, 2006: Inter-comparisons of prediction skill of operational GCMs and a land data assimilation system, CEOP Newsletter, 10, 3-5.