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BaiQing Xu


1988-09-1992-06:Undergraduate  Chang’an University

1992-09 -1995-06:Graduate student  Chang’an University

·       1995-09-2003-11:PH.D Lanzhou glacier permafrost institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Selected Publications

  1. Baiqing Xu, Mo Wang, Daniel R. Joswiak, et al., 2009. Deposition of Anthropogenic Aerosols in a Southeastern Tibetan Glacier. J. Geophys. Res., doi:10.1029/2008JD011 510
  2. Xu Baiqing, Yao Tandong, Lu Anxin, et al., 2006. Variation's of near-surface atmospheric CO2 and H2O concentrations during summer on Muztagata. Science in China, 49 (1): 18-26.
  3. Xu Baiqing, Yao Tandong, Liu Xianqin, Wang Ninglian. 2006. Elemental carbon and organic carbon measurements with a two-step heating-GC system in the snow samples from Tibetan plateau. Annals of Glaciology, 43: 257-262
  4. Xu Baiqing, Yao Tandong, J. Chappellaz, Lonnie Thompson. 2005. 2,000-year methane record in a high altitude Himalayan ice core. PAGES, 13(2): 18-20.
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  8. Zhonghuan Xia, Baiqing Xu, I. Mügler, et al., 2008. Hydrogen isotope ratios of terrigenous n-alkanes in lacustrine surface sediment of the Tibetan Plateau record the precipitation signal. Geochemical Journal, 42: 331-338.
  9. Guangjian Wu, Baiqing Xu, Tandong Yao, et al., 2009. Heavy metals in aerosol samples from the Eastern Pamirs collected 2004–2006. Atmospheric Research,doi:10.1016/j.atmosres.2009.03.011.
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