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Hongen, JIANG

Hongen, JIANG
+86 10 88256501
No. 19 (A), Yuquan Road, Beijing, China

Hongen, JIANG, Ph. D

Asso. Prof.

Email: jianghongen(at)ucas.ac.cn

Telephone: +86 10 88256501

Address:No. 19 (A), Yuquan Road, Beijing, China


Research Areas

Technically I am interested in:

1)  Wood anatomy

2)  Seed/fruit identification

Now I am focusing on the following two projects:

1) Plant utilization in ancient Xinjiang of China

2) Ancient rice domestication and cultivation in the Yangtze River delta


PhD, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2003-2006

MSc, Agricultural University of Hebei, 2000-2003

BSc, Agricultural University of Hebei, 1996-2000

Work Experience

1) Post Dr. in Botany, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2006.9-2008.6

2) Post Dr. in Archaeobotany, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2008.6-2010.9

3) Asso. Prof. in Archaeobotany, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2010.9-

Teaching Experience

1)  Archaeobotany

2)  History of Botany

3)  Technology of Archaeobotany During Field Work

Honors & Distinctions

1) Outstanding Post-doctoral Fellowships of Xinjiang (2007)

2) K.C. Wong Post-doctoral Fellowship of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2009)

Selected publications


Jiang, H.*, Wang, L., Merlin, M.D., Clarke, R.C., Zhang, Y., Pan, Y., Xiao, G., Ding, Ding, X., 2016. Ancient Cannabis burial shroud in a Central Eurasian Cemetery. Economic Botany 70, 213-221 (SCI) (Cover story).

This paper was reported by National Geographic, and was also selected as the cover story of the 3rd issue of Economic Botany in 2016.


Chen, T., Wang, X., Dai, J., Li, W., Jiang, H.*, 2016. Plant use in the Lop Nor region of southern Xinjiang: archaeobotanical studies of the Yingpan cemetery (~25-420AD). Quaternary International (SCI) (In press).

Zhang, G, Wang, S., Ferguson, D.K., Yang, Y., Liu, X., Jiang, H.*, 2016. Ancient plant use and palaeoenvironmental analysis at the Gumugou Cemetery, Xinjiang, China: implication from desiccated plant remains. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences (SCI/SSCI/A&HCI) (In press)

Zhang, G., Mai, H., Liu, B., Merlin, M., Wang, S., Li., Y., Jiang, H.*, 2016. Wood analysis of an outer coffin unearthed from the Qian Zhang tomb (1553 AD) in Wuxi of eastern China. Journal of Ethnobiology (SCI) (Accepted)

Qiu,Z., Shang, X., Ferguson, D.K., Jiang, H.*, 2016. Archaeobotanical analysis of diverse plant food resources and palaeovegetation at the Zhumucun Site, a late Neolithic settlement of the Liangzhu Culture in East China. Quaternary International (SCI) (In press).

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Qiu, Z., Yang, Y., Shang, X., Li, W., Abuduresule, Y., Hu, X., Pan, Y., Ferguson, D.K., Hu, Y., Wang, C., Jiang, H.*, 2014. Paleo-environment and paleo-diet inferred from Early Bronze Age cow dung at the Xiaohe Cemetery, Xinjiang, NW China. Quaternary International  349, 167-177 (SCI, *Corresponding author) .

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