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Haichun, Jing

Haichun, Jing

Name: Haichun, Jing

Gender: male


Tel: (86)-010-62836576

Emails: hcjing@ibcas.ac.cn



1982-1986,Bachelor, Lanzhou University;

1986-1989,Master, Lanzhou University;

1999-2005,PH.D, University of Groningen Netherlands;


1989-1996,Assistant and associate researcher, deputy director, Tianjin academy of agricultural sciences,

1996-1999,visiting scholar, DLO-CPRO(PRI;

2004-2008,Post-PH.D, The lausanne institute,

2008-Pre, Director of molecular design research team of plant research institute resources plant key laboratory, CAS;

Research Area 

Molecular genetic study on energy characters of sweet sorghum and corn biomass

Selected Publications


Schippers JH, Schmidt R, Wagstaff C, Jing HC (Co-first author) (2015). Living to die and dying to live: The survival strategy behind leaf senescence. Plant Physiol, DOI:10.1104/pp.15.00498. 

Zheng L, Shang L, Chen X, Zhang L, Xia Y, Smith C, Bevan MW, Li Y, Jing HC* (2015). TANG1, Encoding a Symplekin_C Domain-Contained Protein, Influences Sugar Responses in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol, 168(3): 1000-1012. 

Shen X, Liu ZQ, Mocoeur Anne, Xia Y, Jing HC* (2015). PAV markers in Sorghum bicolour: Genome pattern, affected genes and pathways, and genetic linkage map construction. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 128(4): 623-637. 

Anami SE, Zhang LM, Xia Y, Zhang YM, Liu ZQ, Jing HC* (2015). Sweet sorghum ideotypes: genetic improvement of the biofuel syndrome. Food and Energy Security, DOI: 10.1002/fes3.63. 

Anami SE, Zhang LM, Xia Y, Zhang YM, Liu ZQ, Jing HC* (2015). Sweet sorghum ideotypes: genetic improvement of stress tolerance. Food and Energy Security, 4(1): 3-24. 

Wu L, Li M, Huang J, Zhang H, Zou W, Hu S, Li Y, Fan C, Zhang R, Jing HC, Liang CP, Sheng QF* (2015). A near infrared spectroscopic assay for stalk soluble sugars, bagasse enzymatic saccharification and wall polymers in sweet sorghum. Bioresource technology, 177: 118-124. 

Mocoeur A, Zhang YM, Liu ZQ, Shen X, Zhang LM, Rasmussen SK, Jing HC* (2015). Stability and genetic control of morphological, biomass and biofuel traits under temperate maritime and continental conditions in sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolour). Theor Appl Genet, 128: 1685–1701. 

Sylvester EA, Jing HC* (2015). Sorghum genome sequencing and its impact generated through public and private efforts. COMPENDIUM OF PLANT GENOMES: SORGHUM. (Submitted). 

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Wang TT, Ren ZJ, Liu ZQ, Feng X, Guo RQ, Li BG, Li LG, Jing HC* (2014). SbHKT1; 4, a member of the high-affinity potassium transporter gene family from Sorghum bicolor, functions to maintain optimal Na+/K+ balance under Na+ stress. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, 56: 315-332. 

Zhang LM, Luo H, Liu ZQ, Zhao Y, Luo JC, Hao DY, Jing HC* (2014). Genome-wide patterns of large-size presence/absence variants in sorghum. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, 56: 24-37. 

Luo H, Mocoeur A, Jing HC* (2014). Next-Generation Sequencing Technology for Genetics and Genomics of Sorghum. Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Sorghum 2014: 226. (Book chapter) 

Li M, Feng S, Wu L, Li Y, Fan C, Zhang R, Zou W, Tu Y, Jing HC, Li S* (2014). Sugar-rich sweet sorghum is distinctively affected by wall polymer features for biomass digestibility and ethanol fermentation in bagasse. Bioresource technology, 167: 14-23. 


Zhang LM, Liu XG, Qu XN, Yu Y, Han SP, Dou Y, Xu YY, Jing HC*, Hao DY* (2013). Early Transcriptomic Adaptation to Na2CO3 Stress Altered the Expression of a Quarter of the Total Genes in the Maize Genome and Exhibited Shared and Distinctive Profiles with NaCl and High pH Stresses. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, 55: 1147-1165. 

Tahir J, Watanabe M, Jing HC, Hunter DA, Tohge T, Nunes‐Nesi A, Brotman Y, Fernie AR, Hoefgen R, Dijkwel PP* (2013). Activation of R-mediated innate immunity and disease susceptibility is affected by mutations in a cytosolic O-acetylserine (thiol) lyase in Arabidopsis. The Plant Journal, 73: 118-130. 


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