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Yingli, Sun

Yingli, Sun

Name: Yingli, Sun

Gender: Female





1991-09-1995-07: Bachelor, ShanDong University;

1995-09-2000-07:PH.D, Peking University;

 Work  Experience:


2000-08-2002-08: Post-PH.D, MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology);

2002-09-2010-08: Assistant researcher and lecturer, Harvard University Medical School Dana Farber Institute of Cancer Research

2010-09-Pre: Researcher, Beijing institute of genomics, Chinese academy of sciences

Research Area


Cancer genome and epigenome study

The relationship between epigenetic regulation and DNA damage repair pathways in tumor cells

Drug design and screening for specific epigenetic targets for tumor stem cells and tumor cells

Drug design and screening of repair pathways for tumor cell DNA damage

The genomic stability and epigenome of stem cells and tumor stem cells


 Selected Publications


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