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Gengxin, Zhang

Gengxin, Zhang
010-8409 7071
Building 3, no.16, lincui road, chaoyang district, Beijing

Name: Gengxin, Zhang

Gender: male        


Telephone: 010-8409 7071    

Fax: 010-8409 7079

Emails: zhangg@itpcas.ac.cn

Postcode: 100101   

Address: Building 3, no.16, lincui road, chaoyang district, Beijing


1993-09—1997-07: Bachelor, Xi 'an engineering college; 

1997-07—1998-08: Xinjiang regional geological survey team
1998-09—2001-07: Master, Lanzhou geological institute, Chinese academy of sciences;
2002-01—2006-05: PH.D, Miami University;
2006-06—2007-08: Post-PH.D, The Pennsylvania State University;
2007-08—2009-08: Post-PH.D, Oak Ridge National Laboratory;


Research Area


Selected Publications

  1. Zhang, G.X., Dong, H.L., Xu, Z.Q., Zhao, D.G., and Zhang, C.L. (2005) Microbial Diversity in Ultra-High-Pressure Rocks and Fluids from the Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling Project in China. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 71(6), 3213-3227.
  2. Zhang, G.X., Dong, H.L, Jiang, H.C., Xu, Z.Q., and Eberl, D.D. (2006) Unique microbial community in drilling fluids from Chinese Continental Scientific drilling. Geomicrobiology Journal, 23(6), 499-514.
  3. Dong, H.L., Zhang, G.X., Jiang, H., Yu, C., Chapman, L.P., Lucas, C.R., and Fields, M.W. (2006) Microbial Diversity in Water and Sediment of Lake Qinghai: The Largest Inland Saline Lake in China. Microbiology Ecology, 51, 65-82.
  4. Jiang, H.C., Dong, H.L., Zhang, G.X., Yu, B.S., Chapman, L.R., and Fields, M.W. (2006) Microbial diversity in water and sediment of Lake Chaka, an athalassohaline lake in northwestern China. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 72(6), 3832-3845.
  5. Zhang G.X., Dong H., Kim J., and Eberl D. D. (2007) Microbial Reduction of Structural Fe3+ in Nontronite by a Thermophilic Bacterium and its Roles in Promoting the Smectite to Illite Reaction. American Mineralogist 92, 1411-1419.
  6. Zhang G.X., Kim J., Dong H., and Andre J. S. (2007) Microbial effects in promoting the smectite to illite reaction: Role of organic matter intercalated in the interlayer. American Mineralogist 92, 1401-1410.
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