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Zhixiang, Wei

Zhixiang, Wei
No. 1, North street of zhongguancun, haidian district, Beijing

Name: Zhixiang, Wei

Gender: male 


Postcode: 100190

Address: No. 1, North street of zhongguancun, haidian district, Beijing      

Emails: weizx(AT)nanoctr.cn



1993.9-2000.7,Bachelor, Xi'an Jiaotong University;

2000.9-2003.7,PH.D, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences;

2003.7-2004.11,Post-PH.D, The Max Planck;

2005.1-2005.1,Post-PH.D, University of Toronto;

2006.1-Pre,Researcher, National nano research center;

Research Area


Self-assembly and flexible devices of organic photoelectric materials

 Selected Publications


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(2)  W. J. Zou, B. G. Quan, K. Wang, L. Xia, J. L. Yao,* Z. X. Wei*. Small, 2011, 7, 3287-3291.

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